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We believe connectivity unlocks new forms of value. We're building technology to make it happen. 

Eon is powering a more equitable, profitable and circular model for commerce through digital transformation. 

Redefining growth and opportunity, Eon enables brands and retailers to connect with customers and unlock new revenue streams through circular business models.   



Eon is the leading Internet of Things platform for creating and managing digital identities for connected products.


Eon is the first platform with a Partner Network to connect products end-to-end.


Eon pioneered the development of industry's CircularID™ Protocol to power data-exchage across industry. 


Eon acts as an extension of your team to support the implementation of connected products.  

Clients & Partners

Our Story

Eon was founded in 2015 by Natasha Franck with the mission to power industry's transition to Circular Commerce. A circular system of commerce creates new systems, incentives and business models, essential for an equitable, profitable and circular future for industry. 

With the vision to create systems-change across industry and unlock a network for circular commerce,  Eon established the CircularID™ Initiative in 2018. This global initiative brought together industry leadership across the circular value chain to develop a protocol that would unlock the communication and connectivity for this network.  Through the initiative, Eon led the development of the CircularID™ Protocol - the global language for Connected Products.

In 2020, Eon launched the CircularID™ Protocol Pilot Version and has partnered with select global brands and retailers to launch Connected Products that are digitized in alignment with the  CircularID™ Protocol. 

Eon is bringing brands, retailers and industry online - connecting products and creating the digital foundation for circular commerce. 

Join us. 


Natasha Franck


Before founding Eon, Natasha was the Senior Vice President of Global Business Development at Delos, a unicorn technology start up in smart urbanism and sustainable real estate development. At Delos, Natasha lead the expansion of WELL Building Standard globally through strategic partnerships in Asia Pacific, Europe and the Middle East. Natasha holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Georgetown University.

Yuan Ma


Yuan Ma is a technical director with over a decade of experience helping businesses in the retail, healthcare, and financial services industries tackle and solve complex technical challenges. He has served as Director of Engineering at a number of prominent NYC digital agencies, leading their product and engineering teams to launch major products and initiatives for companies like Americana Manhasset, Calvin Klein, Wellthie, Make-A-Wish, Ted Baker, UNIQLO, and Wheels Up. 

Annie Gullingsrud


Annie is a globally recognized thought leader for circular fashion. She was the Director of Textiles and Apparel at Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute, where she championed the development of the Fashion Positive program and membership. She is also author of Fashion Fibers: Designing for Sustainability. She is a respected and trusted thought leader across the industry, shaping the future of sustainable fashion.

Luke Connolly


Luke is an entrepreneur and creative technologist focused on combining design and technology to create products that are beautiful, intuitive, and extensible. He has provided creative and technical consulting to startups, Fortune 500 companies, ad agencies, international non-profits, and universities, balancing business objectives with heuristics to deliver best-in-class software experiences.

Elyse Tosi


Elyse specializes in collaboratively implementing strategies across global networks. Prior to Eon, Elyse led sourcing strategy and supply chain management for brands and retailers. She brings deep experience in production, product management, and product management software systems as well as background in data analytics.

Ryan Perfit


Ryan is an experienced start-up CFO. He was most recently CFO for the digital marketing company, Fluent, Inc (FLNT), through it's journey from start-up to exit and eventually as a stand-alone public company. Ryan has experience in a wide range of industries from years in management consulting at Pricewaterhouse Coopers and FTI Consulting.

Alex Zagoro


Alex has spent the last 10 years developing resilient and reliable software and infrastructures for businesses ranging from healthcare and finance to fine arts and non profits. As an avid environmentalist, Alex is excited to apply his expertise and experience to guide the fashion industry towards a circular and sustainable future.

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