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Advancing circular economy business models through connected products

The CircularID™ Initiative, introduced by Eon,  brings together a group of fashion and retail industry leaders and partners from circular businesses, technology, policy, and academia.

The CircularID™ Initiative introduces the CircularID™ Protocol

The industry-wide protocol for digital identification of products in the circular economy.

  • Through adoption of the CircularID™ Protocol, brands can drive to circular and connected business models—connecting with products, customers and partners across the entire product lifecycle.

  • The CircularID™ Protocol establishes the essential product and material data critical for identification and management of products in the circular economy.

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Members & Partners

Power circular business models with CircularID™ Connected Products

When products are digitized in alignment with the CircularID™ Protocol, they become CircularID™ Connected Products, enabling brands and retailers to:

  • Connect with customers and partners directly through products and across the product lifecycle

  • Monetize products through circular business models
    (e.g. resale, rental service) 


  • Share, exchange and access data with circular economy partners (resellers, recyclers, etc.) 

  • Unlock transparency across the product lifecycle 

  • Access customer and product insights beyond point-of-sale to inform business decisions

  • Measure and demonstrate success in achieving circular economy goals 

To create CircularID™ Connected Products with Eon, contact us to learn more.

Primary functions enabled by the CircularID™ Protocol

Identification of Products

Supports continued use/ circulation of products

CircularID™ Protocol enables the continued identification and monetization of products through circular business models (e.g. rental, resale) and the management of products through channels for continued use and circulation (e.g. repair, reverse-logistics, peer-to-peer, collections, etc.).

Identification of Materials
Supports continued use/regeneration of materials

CircularID™ Protocol enables the identification of materials for regeneration, including disassembly and recycling.