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Access industry's largest  Global Partner Network to connect products end-to-end

The only platform in industry to connect products end-to-end, EON introduces industry's largest Global Partner Network. 

The Digital Passport for fashion is finally here 

The Eon Partner Network will unlock the fashion industry’s vision of a circular economy at scale by enabling partners to manage, direct and track the flow of garments across the value chain by connecting with those products using Eon’s Internet of Things Platform.


Eon Network Partners have come together to prepare for the growing number of brands who are piloting the CircularID™ Protocol, bringing millions of connected products online via the Eon Platform.

Partner Network 

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Eon's Partner Network powers

data-exchange across industry

Brands & Retailers 


Eon’s Partner Network makes it possible for brands and retailers to track, monetize, manage, and control their products in the circular economy. Brands will be able to share and access data from circular economy partners - providing the essential digital foundation for industry to scale circular business models. 

Through the Eon Partner Network, a digital system of record is created for each unique Connected Product across its lifecycle, giving brands unprecedented visibility into the journey and value of their products over time. With Eon’s Platform and Network, the concept of a “Digital Passport” for physical products has become a reality. 

The Eon Partner Network enables brands and retailers to:

  • Provide participating circular business partners with instant access to Connected Product data crucial for enacting circular processes like recommerce and recycling. 

  • Give their Circular Partners access to deep beyond-the-label data such as original sale price, images, key features and material content to support Resell. 

  • Facilitate communication and data-sharing with these pioneering partners.

  • Create a continuous picture of a garment’s value in real-time by tying metadata from Circular Partners to product lifecycle events (location, resale price and channel etc.)

“Like many circular partners today, the ability to instantly identify products and materials is our biggest struggle. By brands granting us and other network partners access to that data through connected products and Eon’s suite of tools, the Eon Partner Network is opening the gates to a new circular reality for fashion.


- Nicole Bassett,  Co-Founder, The Renewal Workshop

Brands & Retailers


Join CircularID™ Pilot Program

Take control of your assets. Manage and monetize products and materials through resale and recycle.  Kick start Connected Products.

Circular Economy Businesses 


Join Eon Partner Network 

Instantly digitally identity products and materials to power resale, rental, recommerce, recycling, sorting, customer applications, and more. 

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Power circular business model transformation

Circular Economy Businesses

Without digitization, it is impossible for circular economy partners to effectively identify, manage and authenticate products and materials in circular economy. Connected Products unlock the data essential to identify products for resale and materials for recycling. They also enable customers to access the essential information, tools, applications and services, to facilitate circular and sustainable use and care. 


Once connected, products can be instantly identified — enabling circular economy businesses to optimize operations, increase revenue, service customers, and regenerate materials. 


Join our Eon Partner Network to pilot the CircularID Protocol and participate in Connected Products Pilots with brands and retailers: 

  • Increase monetary incentives for you and your brand and retail clients

  • Instantly access product and material level data for CircularID™ Connected Products

  • Report and aggregate valuable data and insights for your brand and retail partners 

  • Instantly authenticate products

  • Decrease time and increase quality assurance in product data gathering and retrieval 

  • Access essential data to support and inform business processes such as resale, sorting and recycling

  • Track and analyze real-time lifecycle of products end-to-end

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