360° Product Intelligence & Connectivity

Eon is the leading digital identity platform for fashion and apparel – connecting products throughout their lifecycle and unlocking unprecedented visibility and insight.

Eon powers end-to-end intelligence, visibility and connectivity through connected products

  • Powers visibility, intelligence and connectivity across the entire product lifecycle — from production, through retail, customer use, resale, and beyond. 

  • Enables  exchange and capture data from connected products with partners, customers and applications 

  • Powers customer engagement — enabling brands to deliver unique brand experience through the connected product. 

Eon delivers intelligence across enterprise

Eon enables connected products to connect to any application with open APIs

Eon creates cloud-hosted digital identities for unique product items that are programmable and accessible via open APIs, powering connections to all applications.

Eon integrates with existing ERP systems to generate connected products

Eon supports integration with ERP systems to create complete product data profiles – making it possible to generate digital identities efficiently using existing data.

Eon supports all digital identifiers to to meet business requirements

The Eon platform can be configured to work with any type of printed or embedded tag, including QR Code, RFID, NFC, and Bluetooth LE. Multiple identifiers can serve different functions in the same garment.

Impact and Value across Enterprise


Measure and analyze

Monitor your operations using our platform’s analytics and reporting tools, designed to track key performance metrics and provide real-time insight into the movement of your products.


Connect with customers

Engage with customers, build loyalty, increase brand equity,  drive sales and access unprecedented intelligence about customers and products. 


Consolidate and control data access

Aggregate product data in our centralized, cloud-based platform and administer permissions based on the needs of your managers, teams, and business partners.

Aligned with global standards for interoperability

GS1 global standards

Our platform generates a globally-standardized web location for each product item, following the GS1 Digital Link standard. Our events tracking also follows the EPCIS standard – ensuring the digital identities of your product are compatibile with international systems.

The CircularID™ Protocol

Digital identities on the Eon platform are digitized in alignment with the CircularID™ Protocol (codified by Eon) – so your product can connect and share data with other applications in a standard format and support circular economy ecosystem participants.

Dynamic data models to support your business needs

Attributes and events

Define brand-specific product data attributes to support your internal business and partner requirements. Create custom events and interaction data to provide nuanced tracking of critical operations and product checkpoints.

Governance and control

Configure granular controls over access to your product data – determining custom permissions levels for the various teams, partners, and devices interacting with your items, ensuring transparency and security as needed.

Work with Eon

 If you’re a brand or retailer interested to introduce Connected Products, power end-to-end product digitization or pilot the CircularID™ Protocol, we'd love to hear from you. 

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