All Connections.

One Platform.

Customer Experience

Deliver what customers want next with services, products and experiences 

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Business Models & Operations

Power new business models, applications and experiences

Intelligence & Insights

Unlock unprecedented business intelligence and customer insights for competitive advantage

Introduce smart, connected products

Bring your products online to unlock intelligence, connectivity across all operations and services. 

Customer Experience

Introduce an ongoing and direct two-way communication between brands and customers. 

Business Models & Operations 

Continuously bring forward the best products, services, processes, and systems to delight your customer and win the market. 

Enterprise Intelligence 

Unlock real time and never-before-possible visibility into products across their lifecycle to capture customer insights and business intelligence.

How Product Cloud Works


Provide customers breakthrough experiences and build ongoing channel for communication 


Engage and scale key partnerships to service customer needs, partnerships and new business models


Access, collect & analyze customer insights to deliver what customers want next


Determine and take the best actions for improvement. Insights to inform production, design, and strategy.


Make intelligent cross-department business decisions to improve service and gain competitive advantage

Turn every product into a
data-generating media channel

The Operating System for Products

Smart, connected products powered by Eon introduce an ecosystem of services and systems that unlock new revenue streams and competitive advantage. 

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Unlock Your Connected Products Ecosystem


The Eon Platform's open API contains all the information developers need to extend the capabilities of Connected Products. Digital Identities on Eon are programmable and accessible via our collection of REST APIs.


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Access Industry's Largest Global Partner Network 

Eon brings online industry's first and largest Partner Network to give brands instant access to pre-integrations that extend the capabilities of their products from day one.  

Get Started on the #1 Connected Products Platform

The Enterprise Product Digitization Solution

Seamlessly rollout smart, connected products portfolio-wide with the Eon Product Cloud. 

Hardware/Tag Agnostic

Supports All Connections

To support all use-cases and business processes, Eon enables connections to products via all types of Physical Identifiers (ie: QR Code, RFID, NFC and Bluetooth LE)  

Enteprise Integration

Product Digization at Scale

Eon supports integration with existing systems (ie: ERP, PLM, etc) to create digital identities for products – making it possible to create Connected Products efficiently using existing data.

Standards Alignment


Eon aligns with GS1 standards, leveraging the GS1 Digital Link Standard. Eon aligns with industry's existing sustainability standards, and leverages the CircularID™ Protocol to exchange data.  

Governance & Control

Data Management & Permissions

Configure granular controls over access to your product data – determining custom permissions levels for the various teams, partners, and devices. 

Best-in-class security

Ensure sensitive company and product information remains secure with enterprise-ready security features. 

Bank-level data encryption for secure storage and transfer

Granular company data and personnel access management

Built-in guidance for GDPR & other compliance recommendations

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