Powering Connected Products across the fashion retail industry

Eon is the leading Internet of Things platform for fashion, apparel and retail — powering customer engagement, new business models and end-to-end intelligence. 


We digitize your physical products

Connect your products to bring intelligence and connectivity to all operations and services. 

Connect to customers,  

drive revenue and build brand loyalty

  • Build ongoing relationship with customers to increase revenue and loyalty

  • Drive customer behavior —  pre-order, resale, social sharing, app download, etc

  • Build brand — share transparency information, brand heritage, style icons, influencers, etc. 

  • Capture customer insights — customer story, photos and feedback, etc. 

Power new business models, applications and experiences 

  • Identify and authenticate products

  • Power brand-owned and third-party applications

  • Increase revenue and power circular business models — rental, resale, etc. 

  • Service customers - digital wardrobe, digital styling, etc. 

  • Build Store of the Future experience

Unlock end-to-end intelligence and connectivity

  • Unlock unprecedented business intelligence

  • Real-time visibility into operations and customer behavior

  • Access never-before-possible data beyond point-of-sale

  •  Bring measurement and transparency to circular economy. 

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We are powering the digital foundation for Connected & Circular Commerce across industry 

Connected Products powered by Eon are connected to an entire network of Connected Devices and Applications. 

How it Works


Seamlessly generate a Digital Identity for each Item

Easily and efficiently generate and manage large volumes of  cloud-hosted Digital Identities for your Connected Products. 

Connect to all types of Physical Identifiers 

To support all use-cases and business processes, Eon enables connections to products via all types of Physical Identifiers (ie: QR Code, RFID, NFC and Bluetooth LE)  

Run side-by-side with existing systems to scale digitization

Eon supports integration with existing systems (ie: ERP, PLM, etc) to create Digital Identities for products – making it possible to create Connected Products efficiently using existing data.

Align with global standards to capture maximum value

Eon aligns with GS1 standards and the CircularID Protocol to enable scale, impact and communication across industry. 

GS1 global standards

Generate globally-standardized web location for each  Item, following the GS1 Digital Link standard. 

CircularID™ Protocol

Generate Digital Identities in alignment with the CircularID™ Protocol to enable connectivity for products in circular economy. 


Connect your product to all applications

Leverage Eon's open API to extend capabilities of Connected Products. The Eon Platform APIs contain all the information developers need to extend the capabilities of Connected Products – powering everything from consumer experiences, applications, and new business models, to product traceability and supply chain management. Digital Identities on Eon are programmable and accessible via our collection of REST APIs - allowing unique items to be accessed by authorized users and applications. 


Best-in-class security and data management

Ensure sensitive company and product information remains secure with enterprise-ready security features, with full control over data visibility and compliance with industry standards.

Bank-level data encryption for secure storage and transfer

Granular company data and personnel access management

Built-in guidance for GDPR and other compliance recommendations


Governance and control

Aggregate product data in our centralized, cloud-based platform and administer permissions based on the needs of your managers, teams, and business partners. Configure granular controls over access to your product data – determining custom permissions levels for the various teams, partners, and devices interacting with your items, ensuring transparency and security as needed.

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Bring your products online™

 If you’re interested to introduce Connected Products or pilot the CircularID™ Protocol, we'd love to hear from you. 

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