Eon launches the Connect Fashion Global Initiative™ for circular supply chains with H&M Group, Target, PVH Corp., Closed Loop Partners, Microsoft, GS1 US, Waste Management, C&A Foundation, IDEO, I:CO and more

Eon launches the Connect Fashion Global Initiative™ for circular supply chains with H&M Group, Target, PVH Corp., Closed Loop Partners, Microsoft, GS1 US, Waste Management, C&A Foundation, IDEO, I:CO and more

July 16, 2019 - EON™ – the leading Digital Identity company for fashion, apparel and retail– today announces the launch of the Connect Fashion Global Initiative™.  Connect Fashion is a global collaboration to power the future of circular supply chains. The initiative will work to develop an open standard for CircularID™ – a Digital Identity that enables products to communicate information about themselves at every stage in the value chain, powering end-to-end business intelligence and circular economy.  Connect Fashion is introducedin collaboration with H&M Group, Target, PVH Corp., Closed Loop Partners, Microsoft, Waste Management, GS1 US, C&A Foundation, IDEO, I:CO, NYC Economic Development Corporation, The Renewal Workshop, ForDays, RISE IVF, Forum for the Future and Glasgow Caledonian New York College’s Fair Fashion Center.

It is currently difficult to access information and data about products essential for circular economy. With billions of products globally, how will we efficiently identify and authenticate products for resale, repair and reuse? How will we support the reverse logistics of business model innovation, like rental and sharing? How will we access material content essential for recycling? Or measure circular economy, and create new policy and economic incentives? We see CircularID™ as a solution.

With CircularID™ the goal is to communicate through the physical product – meaning we can access information about products essential for sustainable lifecycle management (i.e. material-content, chemicals, authenticity, product details, color, dye process, origin, etc.). Being able to access this data will make it possible and economically viable to power circular economy business operations, including reuse, repair, resale, rental, sharing and recycling.

Codified in collaboration with stakeholders across the value chain, the CircularID™ standard aims to make it possible for a product’s Digital Identity to facilitate seamless communication between all stakeholders – brands, manufacturers, retailers, resellers, leasing platforms, marketplaces, recyclers, consumers and more. This unprecedented transparency and communication between stakeholders in the value chain has the potential to fundamentally change consumption patterns and the future of global supply chains.

CircularID™ will allow us to:

  • Provide transparency on the entire product lifecycle

  • Support business model innovation and support the reverse logistics of renting and sharing

  • Efficiently identify and authenticate products for resale

  • Access material content about products essential for recycling

  • Identify components to support repair and reuse

  • Measure circularity and support the development of economic and policy incentives.

With the exponential growth of connectivity, Digital Identity applications have the potential to increase – powering to new models of production and consumption and informing environmental and policy legislation and incentive programs.

“The Internet of Things is among the most powerful enabling technologies for circular economy. It is also one of the most transformative technologies facing retail,” said Natasha Franck, Founder and CEO of EON. “If we can marry this commercial opportunity with circular economy intelligence, we can dramatically accelerate our global transition to a regenerative future.”

The Connect Fashion Global Initiative will facilitate collaboration, solution development, and cross-industry implementation at the intersection of circular economy and connectivity. The initiative is focused on product-data, not consumer-data, and is dedicated to education, codification and implementation of solutions that prioritize consumer privacy. EON plans to expand this framework beyond fashion, apparel and retail to all product types and industries. Giving every product a CircularID™ has the potential to power the global transparency essential for our circular and regenerative future.

"Like everything in nature, products in the fashion industry should have circular lifecycle. By leveraging the Internet of Things and Digital Identity to power intelligence, communication and transparency, it’s possible to unlock a global circular future,” said Shelley Bransten, Corporate Vice President, Retail and Consumer Goods Industries, Microsoft Corp. “We’re pleased to be partnering with EON & Connect Fashion to bring our IoT solutions and cloud platform to bear in powering efficiencies and systems needed to transition to a circular economy."

EON has successfully implemented Digital Identity pilots with leading global brands, demonstrating the feasibility of creation and implementation of CircularID’s for end-to-end visibility. Today, product data is trapped in various applications across the supply chain. This siloed approach to data-management restricts profitability, efficiency and innovation. EON’s Digital Identity IoT platform solution moves product data out of application silos, and into the cloud to power adaptive and responsive enterprise. The platform supports the creation of a ‘Digital Birth Certificate’ and ‘Digital Passport’. Once a Digital Identity is created, the identity can be put on the blockchain.

Eon powers Connected Products and Circular Commerce. The leading Internet of Things platform in fashion retail, Eon is bringing billions of items online — unlocking visibility and connectivity across enterprise, powering communication between brands and customers, and generating real-time data from items across their lifecycle.

For more information or press inquiries, please contact connect@eongroup.co.