The progressive Swedish outdoor brand turns their products into a communications touchpoint to engage and inspire customers through use, reuse, resale and recycling, and lay the foundation for a circular lifecycle.


Circularity & Customer Engagement







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Houdini Sportswear took a groundbreaking step towards complete product circularity by digitizing its iconic One Parka, and committing to digitizing all garments by 2023.

By simply touching their mobile phone to YKK’s NFC-enabled zipper pull, Houdini customers can instantly access a world of experiences, services, knowledge sharing and content.

“The relationship with Houdini doesn’t end when we sell the product – it continues through use, care, reuse and next life. Connected, our products become vehicles for these continuous conversations and our support. Connecting our products, we will be able to deliver a richer customer experience and foster long term relationships with products, community and the planet.”

– Jesper Danielsson, Head of Product, Houdini Sportswear

W's One Parka

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Houdini's iconic One Parka was the first product to be digitized with an NFC-enabled zipper pull, made possible by a partnership between YKK and EON.

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"Can smart garments help overcome the barriers to circularity? Houdini Sportswear explains how it is digitizing their products to advance their circular eco system using EON’s connected products platform, and YKK Toucklink™ technology."